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JunAkedo[email protected]Principle of aerosol deposition method and its application to dielectric / ferroelectric thick films
JenniferAndrew[email protected]Nanostructured multiferroic composites with applications in electronics and biomedicine.
AndrewBell[email protected]Low Temperature Dielectric Relaxations in Ferroelectrics and Relaxors
IngridCanero[email protected]Tailoring nanoscale structure and defects in epitaxial ferroelectric thin films for mechanical switching of ferroelectric domains
DavidCann[email protected]Engineering Relaxor-Ferroelectric Crossover for Actuator Materials
StefanoCecchi[email protected]Epitaxial ferroelectric tellurides for the non-volatile control of the Rashba effect
JohnDaniels[email protected]Domain wall interactions at grain boundaries in ferroelectric polycrystals
ZhongmingFan[email protected]New insights into (Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3: mixed conduction and polarization dynamics.
PengGao[email protected]Imaging Flexoelectricity, Antiferrodistortive, and Polar Antivortex in low dimensional SrTiO3
JuliaGlaum[email protected]Piezoelectrics for biology
SebastianGlinsek[email protected]Processing of Piezoelectric Films for Haptic Applications
AntonHofmeister[email protected]Progress in Piezo MEMS technology – an enabler for a new wave of Sensors and Actuators
NeamulKhansur[email protected]Structure-property relationships in lead-free polar perovskite oxides
AndreiKholkin[email protected]Bio-molecular ferroelectric materials: from aminoacids to self-organized peptides
JurijKoruza[email protected]Piezoelectric hardening using internal and external variables
LishaLiu[email protected]Dynamics and intrinsic properties of domain walls in bismuth ferrite
YunLiu[email protected]Nanostructural design for new bulk photovoltaic materials beyond conventional ferroelectricity
GangNiu[email protected]Key roles of interface and domain in BNT based lead-free piezoelectric thin films
MojcaOtoničar[email protected]Influence of the cold sintering process on the microstructure and properties of perovskite ferroelectrics: BiFeO3 case study
KarinRabe[email protected]DFT (to be confirmed)?
RajeevRanjan[email protected]NBT-based lead-free piezoceramics
KlausReichmann[email protected]Processing of Lead-Free Perovskite Relaxor Materials for High Power Applications
XiaobingRen[email protected]Developing high-performance Pb-free piezoelectrics with soft-PZT-like and hard-PZT-like properties
JurgenRoedel[email protected]Dislocation-mediated functionality in ferroelectrics
AhmadSafari[email protected]Advances in Development and Applications of Pb-Free Piezoelectric Materials
LauraStoica[email protected]; [email protected]Upgrading underwater acoustic technology: the challenging step of implementing advanced piezomaterials
SusanTrolier-McKinstry,[email protected]New Ferroelectrics for Memory Applications
NaratipVittayakorn[email protected]Hybrid piezo/triboelectric nanogenerators for sensors and energy harvesters
HongWANG[email protected]High performance dielectric composites for energy storage capacitors
LixiangWu[email protected]Piezoelectric MEMS for acoustic and ultrasonic applications
Zuo-GuangYe[email protected]Recent Development and Understanding of Bismuth-Based High-Tc High-Performance Piezo-/ferroelectrics
NanZhang[email protected]Polar domain boundaries in a non-polar Antiferroelectric single crystal

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