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Takaaki Tsurumi

Past and Future of Multi-layered Ceramics Capacitors (MLCCs)
After the discovery of barium titanate (BT) in 1940s, the BT-based MLCCs become indispensable electronic components in modern electronic circuits. The former part of this presentation will trace the history of BT-based MLCC with stressing on the usage of nickel internal electrodes, the role of rare earth dopants, the reliability issue and the size effect of BT. In the later parts, our latest results of the development of energy storage MLCCs base on the long rage ionic motion to generate huge polarization. We believe that the MLCC technology will be a key to prevent the global warming and the climate change in the future.
Presenter Bio

Takaaki Tsurumi is a Professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan. He has been studying structure and property of dielectric and ferroelectric oxides for 30 years, and author and co-author of 350 scientific papers, 50 reviews and 10 books. He made artificial superlattices with the perovskite structure and found these superlattices showed anomalously high dielectric permittivity in the film plane. He also demonstrated that ferroelectricity could be induced in the superlattices by controlling stacking periodicity of the superlattices. He clarified the domain contributions to the nonlinear responses in piezoelectric ceramics by measuring frequency dependence of piezoelectric constant. He has been working on multi-layered ceramics capacitors and reported the core and shell contributions to the nonlinear dielectric response. He has also developed the system to measure ultra-wide range dielectric spectra which is a key technology to understand the polarization mechanisms in dielectric materials. His recent research focuses on the development of energy storage capacitors using long-range ionic motion. He is the Fellow of American Ceramics Society, has been awarded IEEE-UFFC Achievement Award, IEEE Distinguished Lecture, IEEE Ferroelectric Recognition Award, the Academic Achievements in Ceramics Science and Technology of the Ceramic Society of Japan. He has been Vice President of the Ceramics Society of Japan (2019-2020), President of Fulrath Okazaki Memorial Association in Japan (2015-), President of Asian Ferroelectric Association (2010-2012).

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