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Student Social (+ Ferroictionary), a chance for students to meet their peers. 

This casual social event is designed as an ice breaker event where students get to know their peers and play a ferroelectric themed game. 

Professional Networking (+ Mock Interviews), a chance for students to meet people from industry.

We intend to ask professionals to participate and run “Mock interviews” for students. In these, the professionals will speak to students in turn individually, or in small groups, and will “interview” them for a hypothetical job. This would allow students to develop key professional skills and network in a safe and low-risk space.

This event will be in collaboration with the Industry Engagement Committee.

Student Pitch Competition, a chance for students to present their research

Students will register beforehand and send in one slide. In turn, each student will present their slide and research in one minute to their peers and a panel of judges. Prizes will be awarded for particularly strong performances.

What Not to Do, an inversion of the Student Pitch Competition.

This is a highly informal variant of the Student Pitch Competition. Slides will be optional, and timing may be more loosely enforced. However, rather than present successes and goals of their own research, students will instead present their own failures, as well as what they have learned from those failures. We believe that encouraging students to share their failures is very important in developing a sense of community, while focusing on lessons learned also allow a positive, humorous spin on these stories.

All the events will be held in the hybrid format.

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