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Presentation Instructions

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Oral Presentations

The duration of each lecture presentation is 15 minutes including discussion. Authors should limit their presentation to 12 minutes to allow for 3 minutes of questions.

Invited presentations should be 25 minutes to allow for 5 minutes of questions.

Virtual presenters should plan to present live via Zoom – if they are unavailable or have technical difficulties, the backup video will be played back.

A projector and a computer with MS PowerPoint & Adobe Acrobat Reader will be available in every session room for regular presentations.

Preparation of Visuals

Slides will be pre-uploaded onto each presentation laptop in the session rooms.

For in-person presentations – if your presentation is complete by June 7, you may upload it to the submission form. Alternatively, you may upload the presentation to the laptops up to 1 day prior to your presentation slot (onsite) or contact Brianna Orr to upload it in advance.

For virtual presentations, please upload your slides by June 7 along with your backup recording.

Be warned that movies embedded in the presentations are not guaranteed to be played. In addition, avoid using fonts that are not present in the Windows operating systems.

In-person speakers should arrive in their session room 10 minutes BEFORE the start of their session to report to the Session Chair. Virtual speakers should plan to test their connection 30 minutes before the start of the session.

The projectors are designed for 4:3 presentations so the authors are encouraged to prepare their presentations with that proportion. 

Poster Presentations

The recommended poster format is portrait – the boards will be 82 cm wide x 142 cm height. Double sided adhesive tape and/or pins will be available in the poster area to put the posters on the panels.

In-person authors are required to print their own poster and are responsible for hanging up their poster before the start of the session and of removing them after the session ends. 

Each poster board onsite will be marked with a number that directly correlates with each poster in the PDF program. Please place your poster on the assigned board.

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