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Student Poster Competition

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Best Overall
In-Situ Monitoring of Polarization Dynamics During Layered-Ferroelectrics Epitaxial Design
Ipek Efe

Utilizing TI Thin Interfacial Layer to Improve the Endurance of Antiferroelectric Mo/Hf0.3Zr0.7O2/Si Capacitor
Se Hyun Kim

Multiferroic Quantum Criticality in (Eu,Ba,Sr)TiO3 System
Dalibor Repček

First-Principle Investigations of Topological Solitons in Multiferroic Cu2OSeO3
Houssam Sabri

Probing Band-to-Band Transitions in BiVO₄ Single Crystals by Resonant Raman Spectroscopy
Christina Hill

Ferroelectric Property Measurements of K1−x Na x NbO3Thin Films Synthesized Through Aqueous Solution Deposition
Mohsen Mahmoudvand

Ferroelectricity in Doped Bismuth Ferrite Nanoparticles
Astita Dubey

Anomalous AC-Bias Mediated Ferroelectric Switching Behaviour in Relaxor SBN
Niyorjyoti Sharma

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