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Name Institution Country Topic
Jun Akedo National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Japan Principle of aerosol deposition method and its application to dielectric/ferroelectric thick films
Jennifer Andrew University of Florida USA Nanostructured multiferroic composites with applications in electronics and biomedicine
Andrew Bell Leeds University UK Low Temperature Dielectric Relaxations in Ferroelectrics and Relaxors
Ingrid Canero Infante CNRS/Institut des Nanotechnologies de Lyon France France Tailoring nanoscale structure and defects in epitaxial ferroelectric thin films for mechanical switching of ferroelectric domains
David Cann Oregon State University USA Engineering Relaxor-Ferroelectric Crossover for Actuator Materials
Stefano Cecchi Paul Drude Institute Germany Epitaxial ferroelectric tellurides for the non-volatile control of the Rashba effect
Charlotte Cochard University of Dundee UK  Cu-Cl boracite: an Electrostatic Question Mark
Michele Conroy Imperial College London UK Probing the Atomic-Scale Internal Structure of Mutliferroic Domain Walls During Dynamics with the Electron Beam
Kumara Cordero-Edwards University of Geneva Switzerland Novel Functionalities at Twin Domain Crossings
Neus Domingo ORNL US BE PFM and BE CRF to decouple mechanical and ferroelectric properties of BaTiO3 free-standing membranes and single crystals
John Daniels University of New South Wales Australia Domain wall interactions at grain boundaries in ferroelectric polycrystals
Anna Gągor Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research, Polish Academy of Sciences Poland Organic-Inorganic Lead Halides Based on Methylhydrazinium, Structure-Property Relations
Vincent Garcia CNRS France Insights Into Antiferromagnetic Spin Textures in Multiferroic BiFeO3
Sylvia Gebhardt Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS Germany Antiferroelectric Capacitors for Power Electronics
Philippe Ghosez University of Liège Belgium On the Origin of Polarons in ABO3 Oxide perovskites: a first-Principles Perspective
Julia Glaum Norwegian University of Sci & Technology Norway Piezoelectrics for biology
Sebastian Glinsek Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology Germany Processing of Piezoelectric Films for Haptic Applications
Anton Hofmeister STMicroelectronics Italy Progress in Piezo MEMS technology – an enabler for a new wave of Sensors and Actuators
Jorge Íñiguez University of Luxembourg Luxembourg Optimization of Artificial antiferroelectrics from Atomistic Simulations
Neamul Khansur Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg Germany Structure-property relationships in lead-free polar perovskite oxides
Andrei Kholkin University of Aveiro Portugal Bio-molecular ferroelectric materials: from aminoacids to self-organized peptides
Jurij Koruza Institute for Chemistry and Technology of Materials, Graz University of Technology Austria Piezoelectric hardening using internal and external variables
Lisha Liu Nanjing University of Science and Technology China Dynamics and intrinsic properties of domain walls in bismuth ferrite
Daesu Lee POSTECH Korea Flexoelectric Polarizing and Control of a Ferromagnetic Metal
Yun Liu Australian National University Australia Nanostructural design for new bulk photovoltaic materials beyond conventional ferroelectricity
Tuhin Maity ISSER Thiruvananthapuram India New Ways to Tune magneto-Electric multiferroics
Sylvia Matzen University Paris-Sud, University Paris-Saclay France Photostrictive PZT Thin Film based-microdevices
Elena Mishina RTU Mirea Moscow Russia Characterization and Control of Polar Dielectrics Using Ultrashort Laser Pulses
Finlay Morrisson University of St. Andrews, Scotland, UK UK Phase Transitions in Improper and Incommensurate Ferroelectrics
Gang Niu Xian Jiaotong University China Key roles of interface and domain in BNT based lead-free piezoelectric thin films
Johanna Norlander Harvard University, USA USA Multiferroic Hexagonal ABO3 Thin Films As a Versatile Quantum Materials Platform
Troy Olsson University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Aluminum Scandium Nitride Ferroelectric Materials and Devices
Mojca Otoničar Joseph Stefan Institute Slovania Influence of the cold sintering process on the microstructure and properties of perovskite ferroelectrics: BiFeO3 case study
Nini Pryds Technical University of Denmark, Dept Energy Convers & Storage Denmark  Symmetry breaking in electromechanical materials
Karin Rabe Rutgers University USA DFT (to be confirmed)
Rajeev Ranjan Indian Institute of Science India NBT-based lead-free piezoceramics
Klaus Reichmann Graz University of Technology Austria Processing of Lead-Free Perovskite Relaxor Materials for High Power Applications
Jurgen Roedel Technical University of Darmstadt Germany Dislocation-mediated functionality in ferroelectrics
Tadej Rojac Jožef Stefan Institute Slovenia Domain-Wall Contributions to Piezoelectric Response: Relaxor Versus Normal Lead-Based Ferroelectric Ceramics
Ahmad Safari Rutgers University USA Advances in Development and Applications of Pb-Free Piezoelectric Materials
Ana M. Sanchez University of Warwick UK Electron microscopy of ferroelectric incommensurate spin crystals
Tony Schenk Ferroelectric Memory Company Germany A Wholistic View on HfO2/ZrO2-Based Ferroelectric Memory Research
Pankaj Sharma UNSW Australia Anisotropic Ionic Conduction in Van Der Waals Ferroelectrics
Laura Stoica Thales UK Upgrading underwater acoustic technology: the challenging step of implementing advanced piezomaterials
Susan Trolier-McKinstry Pennsylvania State University USA New Ferroelectrics for Memory Applications
Andrey V. Tumarkin St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University Russia Tunable Structures “ferroelectric film/Silicon carbide” for High Power Microwave Applications
Lixiang Wu Silicon Inc. Austria Piezoelectric MEMS for acoustic and ultrasonic applications
Ming-Ming Yang University of Warwick UK The Interface Piezoelectric and Pyroelectric Effects
Zuo-Guang Ye Simon Fraser University Canada Recent Development and Understanding of Bismuth-Based High-Tc High-Performance Piezo-/ferroelectrics
Hiroko Yokota Chiba University Japan The Observations of Polar Domain Boundaries in ferroics
Nan Zhang Xian Jiaotong University China Polar domain boundaries in a non-polar Antiferroelectric single crystal
Pavlo Zubko University College London UK Free-Standing Ferroelectric Superlattices

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