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PFM Overview

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Piezoresponse Force Microscopy International Workshop series

The PFM international workshop series initiated in 2007 has established itself as one of the flagship meetings for researchers interested in the nanoscale electronic, electromechanical, and polar phenomena in ferroic materials. The PFM series provides in-depth discussions of the continuous advances in Piezoresponse Force Microscopy – one of the dominant techniques for exploring ferroelectric, multiferroic, polar biomolecular, and ionic materials at the nanoscale. The first workshop at Oak Ridge was followed by the workshops in Lausanne (2008), Tsukuba (2009), Aveiro (2009), Beijing (2010), Vancouver (2011), Aveiro (2012), Nanjing (2013), Prague (2013), State College (2014), Ekaterinburg (2014), Singapore (2015), Oak Ridge (2015), Darmstadt (2016), Atlanta (2017), Hiroshima (2018) and Lausanne (2019). Some of the PFM workshops were organized jointly with other international conferences on ferroelectrics, such as annual ISAF and ISIF meetings. The workshops are designed for advanced PFM users as well as novices and include tutorials and lectures given by leading PFM experts and, occasionally, experimental lab demonstrations and hands-on tutorials on PFM imaging and spectroscopy. Ultimately, the goal of the workshop series is to build a network of advanced PFM practitioners to promote rapid dissemination of theoretical knowledge, experimental protocols, and novel technique development in this rapidly growing area, as well as to establish links to areas such as renewable energy and information technology, bioscience and electrochemistry.

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