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ULVAC – The Ultimate in VACuum. We welcome you to our booth.

ULVAC GmbH was established in 1987 as the European subsidiary of ULVAC, Inc. headquartered in Munich, Germany. ULVAC’s solutions diversely incorporate equipment, materials, and services for Semiconductors, MEMS, Electronic Components, PCB, TFB, and other Vacuum Equipment manufacturers.

For MEMS application ULVAC has developed systems dedicated to MEMS sensors, actuators, switches, lab-on-chip and micromirror manufacturing. This equipment range includes sputtering and etching for piezo electric materials like PZT, AlN and ScAlN, glass and metal etching, thick resist ashing, resist and polymer removal within trench structures, and others.

ULVAC has developed high-volume processing sputtering method that allows sub 500°C processing temperatures, is configured to pole the piezoelectric crystals during the deposition process and is compatible with other CMOS processes.

Come by our booth and find out why ULVAC is able to support all of your manufacturing requirements.

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